Open Trades and P&L Discrepancy

If you are having an open trades and/or P&L Discrepancy, this might be because of an issue either with your .CSV Import file, expired options trades, or pre-existing positions. 

We'll break down each of these scenarios below.

After each import, we recommend our users to go to the Dashboard and look at the “Open Trades” section. If you ever see trades showing as open, that shouldn’t actually be open, then you know there is a problem with the imported data.

This normally happens in three situations:

  1. If you begin importing from a point in time where you had pre-existing positions, none of the data will ever appear correct, as Tradervue doesn’t know about these existing positions. You must begin importing from a point in time where you were flat (no previous open positions).
  2. If you accidentally miss importing some executions along the way, you’ll end up seeing open trades.
  3. If you’re trading options, and you hold them to expiration, this sometimes isn’t reported in the data we import. So, you just need to manually enter the expirations, and all will be well.

In this case, what we will usually suggest is to delete all of your trades and then re-import from a point in time in which you were flat.

For more information on how to delete all of your trades:

Delete Trades

If you trade options and you are also experiencing some of the issues mentioned above, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the trade detail view for a particular trade
  2. Click Advanced, then Manage options: [Managing Option Positions]
  3. To close one of those contracts, click the “adjust” button next to the contract you want. You can then use the editor to enter a new closing execution - for an expiration, you’ll want to edit the date to be sometime around when it expired, and the price to be zero.

Repeat for each contract that’s open, and your trade will close when you’re done.

The detailed reports tab includes only closed trades. Despite having closed some of the contracts in the position the overall position is still open, so its not being included in the detailed report.

However, they will show realized P&L in the Overview reports tab.

We suggest you read the following article on realized P&L and Multi-day trades:

Swing Trades

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