Multiple Accounts

If you are using mltiple trading accounts on Tradervue, we suggest using account tags to keep trades properly separated between accounts. Using account tags ensures that executions imported from one trading account won’t be merged with executions from another account.

Once you start using them, you must remember to use them on every import. If you miss one, the executions you import could be merge with trades from any of your other accounts.

To help make sure you don’t forget, we’ve added a checkbox underneath where you enter your account tag, on the Import Trades page:

If you check the “Require account tag for every import” box, Tradervue will remember the setting, and not let you complete an import without first entering an account tag. You can turn this off at any time, but if you’re using account tags, we recommend leaving it on.

If you use them every time, trades will remain separated between accounts, and you’ll be able to use filters to view data for one account at a time, or multiple accounts together.

Multiple Account Tagging for Existing Trades

For your existing trades, if you’ve only imported from a single account so far, you can use the bulk editor to tag all of your trades with the account tag you would have used. From there on, use an account tag for every import.

  1. Log in to your Tradervue account
  2. Go to “Trades View” section located on the navigation bar
  3. Click on the Checkbox located on the top left corner next to the “Date” column
  4. Select the the trades you will like to tag
  5. On the “Action” dropdown located above the columns select “Add tag”
  6. Click on the “Submit” red button located above the columns
  7. A confirmation window will pop up, click on “OK”
  8. Make sure the trades had been tagged on the “Trades View” section.

Multiple Account Tagging when Importing Trades

If you’ve already imported from multiple accounts, the safest thing to do is to delete all of the trades you’ve imported using the bulk editor, and then re-import them using account tags.

  1. Log in to your Tradervue account.
  2. Go to “Import Trades” section located on the navigation bar
  3. Select your broker or trading platform on the dropdown
  4. Click on the “Use an account tag for this import” hyperlink
  5. Type in your tag name
  6. Click on “Add”
  7. Follow the Import Instructions located on the instructions box located at the right side.

Multiple account tags work great, however, there are two situations that offered challenges when using this approach:

  1. If you trade the same symbols in multiple accounts, and one (or both) accounts hold this position open for longer than an import interval (e.g. if you import your trades daily, then an open overnight position in one or both accounts), or
  2. If you use both long-term and short-term positions within a single account, and you want to track them separately

The reason for this is when importing new trades, Tradervue will look to see if there is already an open position in that symbol, and if so, it will apply new executions from your import to those positions. This is almost always what you want, except in the situations above.

To address this, we have added Account Tags. These are just regular tags, but when applied at import time, they have a special effect on the import. If you tag each of your imports with an account name of some sort, then trades from each account will be kept completely separate.

To use account tags, after you’ve selected your broker/platform on the Tradervue import page, you’ll see a “Use an account tag for this import” link:

Click that link, and you’ll be able to enter an account tag:

Stay consistent – if you decide to use account tags to segregate your trades between multiple accounts, then use them every time.

If you have questions, or are having trouble importing data in the generic format, please reach out to or click on the "Contact Us" link below.

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