Calendar P&L

You can see your total gain and loss per day in the calendar by following these steps

  1. Log in to your Tradervue account.
  2. Go to "Reports View"
  3. Click on the "Overview" tab
  4. Click on "Calendar"
  5. Click on the month you wish to visualize

You should then visualize something like this:

You’ll then be able to select a year and you’ll see the calendar for that entire year.

Each day will be colored – green for positive days, red for negative, blue for flat, and gray for days with no trades:

If you click on one of the months, you’ll see a detail view of that month. Each day will show the number of trades on that day, and the P&L (either aggregate or average, and reported in $, ticks, or R depending on your setting)

Clicking on an individual day in the calendar will take you to that day’s page in the Journal View, so you can review the individual trades on that day.

These reports make it possible to see certain kinds of patterns at a glance. For example, if we look at this month:

We can see very quickly that every single Thursday and Friday in the month was a losing day. We can then take a closer look at those days, and use the detailed reports to drill down and understand what might have been happening there.

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