You can now write code against our API to import your trades from any system. For example, if you use a desktop trading application with its own API, you could write some code to pull data out of your trading app during the day and upload it to Tradervue automatically.

The API documentation is here, along with a sample app you can take a look at.

Here are just a few things you could do with the API:

  • Trades
  • Journal entries
  • Journal notes
  • Executions
  • Comments
  • Create new trades programatically, and add notes to them throughout the trading day
  • Update your daily journal entry from another application
  • Create journal notes from anywhere
  • Retrieve data about your trades, including analytics like MFE/MAE and efficiency, for further analysis in other applications 

The list goes on and on! See the updated documentation for the API for more details.

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