Tracking Commissions and Fees

Tradervue supports commissions and fees throughout, and all reports support viewing data by gross or net P&L, as you choose.

If your broker/platform includes commissions and fees in the data imported into Tradervue, then the commissions/fees will be used by Tradervue. If you are using the Generic import format, commissions and fees can be included in the data and imported automatically. Refer to Supported Brokers and Platforms to see if your broker includes the necessary data.

If the data import includes it, exchange fees and ECN fees/rebates will be included.

Note: if you have imported trades prior to April 2, 2012, they will not include commission and fee data. See this article for information on how to update trades imported before this date.

If your broker/platform does not include this data, you may estimate your commissions and use the estimates when importing data into Tradervue. To set your estimated commissions, go to your user settings (from the dashboard, or click on your user name in the header at the top right of the page), Trade Settings tab, and enter in your per-share and per-contract commission estimates.

Commissions and related items (e.g. reporting net P&L data) require a gold subscription.

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